A United Community Is A Strong Community

Muscatine County has a rich and diverse history, present, and future. Let's steer our community in the direction we want it to go. Our current time is one like no other. We are tasked with difficult health, social, and political issues. While it's easy to feel as if there is nothing we share, that is far from the truth. We share a zip code, a downtown, a favorite local restaurant, grocery stores, streets, sidewalks, schools, and so much more.

Our community is strengthened by our voices, cultures, and diversity. To celebrate our neighbors, our legacy, and our community, we have gathered:

  • personal stories of current leaders who are making a difference

  • the perspective of those from our past that have shaped our lives today

  • education resources for all ages to promote racial, economic, and equitable learning opportunities 

Learn about Muscatine County history

Be active in our community narrative

Help shape Muscatine for generations  ahead

This website was created by a group of talented, committed youth in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine and the DEI Community Committee.